"We aren't you April Fool" Comedy on Xcel's 15-year Energy Plan

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Are you tired of Xcel “gaslighting” us about how they supposedly need to build a new gas plant in Minnesota during a climate crisis?

Are you tired of your energy utility reacting to your desire for community-owned distributed renewable power as if you are cheating on them?

Well, you’re not alone, because monopoly utilities are indeed a jealous and possessive lover!


Join Lee Samelson, energy comedy extraordinaire for a 30-minute performance that plugs key metaphors into the power of narrative to generate inspiration to submit comments on Xcel's 15-Year Climate and Energy Plan by the April 12th deadline. This 30-minute short performance will have a slideshow of memes and educational images to deliver entertainment value.


**Family friendly and suitable for all audiences.**

The event will take place on Zoom and Facebook Live. 

Family friendly and suitable for all audiences. 




April 01, 2021 at 6:00pm - 6:30pm
Carolyn Samelson Jenna Browning Allan Campbell

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