CenterPoint seeks to make business-as -usual investments in MN, risking high utility costs to rise even higher.

A new Minnpost Article from the Citizens Utility Board (CUB) unveils the start findings.

A typical CenterPoint customer, for example, can expect to pay an extra $85 each month in delivery fees by 2040 – more than triple the current amount. And that does not even include any potential increases in the cost of the gas itself.

CUB’s excellent more in-depth report on the same issue, is here.  

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The Just Solar Coalition helped keep Xcel Energy’s rate hike to a minimum

In a ruling on June 1st, the MN Public Utilities Commission granted Xcel Energy a much smaller electricity rate increase than it initially asked for after a coalition of energy equity advocates intervened in the case and testified for affordability.

Xcel initially requested a 21 percent increase request. But the MN PUC ultimately granted Xcel Energy slightly less than half of that- agreeing to a 9.6 percent rate increase (over three years). In terms of total dollar numbers, the MN PUC allowed Xcel to collect an additional $306 million in revenue from its customers over the next three years.

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CenterPoint Energy sinks proposal to address Climate Warming emissions

CenterPoint Energy executives and investors scuttled a proposal that would have required more robust and transparent emissions tracking. This is in conflict with net-zero commitments made by the utility, and with the reality that massive emissions reductions are needed to avoid the most catastrophic impacts of climate change.

CenterPoint explicitly opposed the measure, brought forward by some of its investors, which would have required it to comprehensively assess customers’ end use (or “Scope 3”) emissions and set targets for reducing those emissions. Scope 3 emissions account for more than 80% of CenterPoint's total emissions, and the utility sidestepping this critical category raises serious questions about its commitment to net-zero emissions. 

CenterPoint’s refusal to more fully address emissions from gas use in customers’ homes and businesses, and take steps more meaningful to reduce them, complicates decarbonization goals held by communities served by CenterPoint. Notably, this includes the state of Minnesota and many Minnesota cities -- especially Minneapolis, with whom CenterPoint has committed in a shared Clean Energy Partnership work plan to "decarbonize homes via electrification and energy efficiency retrofits." The utility’s resistance to prioritizing these emissions reductions in its corporate goal-setting is in conflict with this commitment.


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Metro Earth Day Beautification Events

Earth Week Celebration and Clean Up Events 

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Minneapolis and St Paul candidate forums on energy democracy dates released

In addition to our 2023 Community Power Energy Questionnaire, we are excited to announce 3 candidate forums! All candidates seeking to represent Wards 6, 7 & 12 on the Minneapolis City Council will share their visions on how to meet Minneapolis’ upcoming Climate & Equity Plan goals plus additional local energy democracy perspectives.

  • All from around the city, regardless of ward are welcome and encouraged to join ! 
  • Audience members can submit questions they wish candidates to answer ! 
  • Informal social time after each Q & A !
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