The Time is Right

the time is right

Powerful Conversations Series

Still on the forefront of our minds is the trajectory our energy future is taking. It is only through community education and involvement that we can make changes to our energy infrastructure, which is exactly what Community Power is trying to achieve through the Power Conversation Series. Here are some photos from last week's most recent Powerful Conversation:

Timothy teaching

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Because the Future Requires It

because the future requires

A Huge Stride Forward in Solar

Through savvy design and the intensity of the sun, renewable energy sources are becoming increasingly impossible to dismiss as viable replacements for fossil fuels. It has recently been reported by ScienceAlert, an Australian and New Zealand online science only publication, that a solar thermal plant in Newcastle, Australia has heated steam to 1,058 degrees Fahrenheit and to 3,400 PSI, which are measurements that categorize the steam as “supercritical” in the energy sector. Only supercritical steam can power the most advanced generators in the world. Such a feat was previously only possible through the burning of fossil fuels and  as such this marks a huge step forward for solar.

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Beware of Utility Tactics used to Slow the Growth of the Solar Market

 We have seen a noticeable growing pattern of utility monopolies who are pulling all policy stops to slow the growth of the solar market. There was a fight against net metering for solar one that reached high profile last year in sunny Arizona as well as another in Georgia which led to a coalition between the Sierra Club and the Tea Party.

Solar installations have become the chief iconic symbol for independence and taking control of our energy future. A growing constituency of ratepayers do not want to be held hostage to the cost uncertainty of fossil fuels by being left to the whim of utility monopolies who are passive aggressively trying to slow the transition to renewable options.

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