Did You Catch Minneapolis Energy Options?


It was a great long weekend and Minneapolis Energy Options was all over the city. Did you see us at Minnehaha? Did you see us at the March Against Monsanto? Did you hear us on AM950 Green Rock Radio? 

On Friday, Minneapolis Energy Options Campaign Intern Andy Timm and Minneapolis Energy Options Campaign Coordinator Dylan Kesit were out at Minnehaha Park talking with friends and neighbors about how we can work together to secure a clean and affordable energy future. We are working to keep our energy options open. Currently in Minneapolis, energy costs are rising and energy pollution is causing significant local and global problems. We have a once-in-a-generation opportunity to make cleaner, more affordable, and more local energy available to all in Minneapolis.

Join your neighbors and Minneapolis Energy Options as we work to secure a Clean, Affordable, Reliable, and Local Energy future for all! Check out the Volunteer Calendar and register to join the movement for a clean and affordable energy future.

Want to learn more about Minneapolis Energy Options? Listen to Louis Alemayehu, Minneapolis Energy Options Steering Committee, and Dylan Kesti on Green Rock Radio AM950 listen HERE.

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Why Timothy Supports Energy Options

I'm donating to MEO because...

My name is Timothy DenHerder-Thomas, I'm 26, and I live in the Corcocan neighborhood of South Minneapolis. I'm a part of Minneapolis Energy Options because I believe we need the power here in Minneapolis to own clean energy systems cooperatively, make neighborhood investments that help everyone, especially low-income families, cut their energy costs, and create local jobs in the green economy.

I've spent the last several years organizing neighborhood engagement campaigns, local energy cooperatives, and youth leadership development programs. I don't make much money, so I usually don't make financial donations to social change efforts, contributing my time and energy instead.

But on Minneapolis Energy Options, I'm supporting with my dollars as well as my time. I took a look at my energy costs in 2012. While I've made many efforts to keep my energy costs down, my housemates and I still paid $1,023 to Xcel Energy and Centerpoint Energy in 2012. With a colder winter raising my natural gas costs and an 8.6% rate increase from Xcel Energy raising my electrical costs, it's going to be even higher in 2013.

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Dustin Denison Supports Minneapolis Energy Options

MEO Stories

I am supporting Minneapolis Energy Options because one of the core tenets of our company is "We believe energy production and consumption must fundamentally change". In order for Minneapolis to meet its Climate Action plans, our relationship with Xcel energy must be holistic to meeting the goals and objectives our residents seek. Minneapolis Energy Options is engaged in the work to empower our elected officials to meet these goals.  

Dustin Denison, Principal
Minneapolis-based Applied Energy Innovations

Tell your story!  Email 2-3 sentences and a photo to Dylan!

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Thank You for an Amazing Mayday for Minneapolis Energy Options

Minneapolis Energy Options at Mayday!!!


Happy Monday in Minneapolis! Thanks to everyone who came out and joined us in the parade. With your help we are moving Minneapolis Energy Forward. During the parade and at the festival we demonstrated that we are building a serious campaign to secure a Clean, Affordable, Reliable, and Local Energy future in Minneapolis.

Together we can move from Energy Consumers to Energy Deciders! 

Join your neighbors & Minneapolis Energy options as we work to secure a Clean, Affordable, Reliable, and Local Energy future for all!

Take part in the movement and help move Minneapolis Energy Forward!

Join us at an upcoming EVENT and click HERE to learn how to get your FREE T-Shirt.
facebook.com/MinneapolisEnergyOptions | @MplsEnergyOpts

Minneapolis to study city-run utilities

April 16, 2013
Xcel Energy's headquarters on Nicollet Mall.
By Dylan Thomas
Study planned as franchise agreements with Xcel and CenterPoint set to expire

Before the city locks into new franchise agreements with its gas and electricity suppliers, Minneapolis will first explore the possibility of setting up its own municipal utility.

Twenty-year agreements with Xcel Energy and CenterPoint Energy are set to expire in late 2014. By then, city leaders aim to refine their goals for a cleaner, more sustainable energy system and examine all the potential routes for reaching those goals.

One option is for Minneapolis to take charge of providing gas and electricity to its residents. Proponents argue that route would speed Minneapolis’ progress in reducing greenhouse gas emissions, improve the reliability of the services and add jobs.

The City Council voted April 12 to spend up to $250,000 exploring that scenario and others over the next nine months with the Energy System Pathways Study.

“We want to let our current utility providers know these are our goals and we are serious about trying to find a path to better achieve our goals,” said City Council Member Elizabeth Glidden (8th Ward).


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