Call Your City Council Member

Council Members heard from supporters of clean energy on December 10!

 On Monday December 1st, a Surprise Amendment was put forward to cut the amount of money the City is devoting to staffing the Clean Energy Partnership in half, from $150,000 to $75,000.  That cut passed city council on a razor-thin 7-6 margin.  To clear up any confusion, this cut will not be included in the final budget.

After the public hearing on December 10th and shortly before 10 PM, City Council voted 13-0 to restore the full $150,000 to the clean energy partnership.

The City will now be able to hire a high-quality full-time staff person for the partnership plus a minor operating budget for the partnership's program initiatives. 

The sustainability office staff will be able to continue their great work on the Climate Action Plan, Zero Waste Action Plan assistance, sustainable farming programs, Homegrown Food Council, implementing the City Trees program, community solar and more.

Restoring the budget simultaneously delivers a message of respect to the utilities who have already devoted a full-time, high-level person to this Partnership while also restoring the ability of the city to hold both utilities accountable to delivering on the goals of the partnership.

However, Council Members still need to continue to hear from supporters of clean energy. It took strong community pressure the past few years to make clean energy a priority, and it will clearly take strong community pressure for clean energy to continue to be a priority.

The way to do this is to work with your city council member to be strong community allies in delivering on the 9 goals we are fighting to achieve with the partnership

Check the list below for your Ward and/or City Council Member. If you do not know who your Council Member is click HERE.

1: Thank your council member for their December 10th vote to restore the Clean Energy Partnership budget,

2: Share your ideas for what the partnership can accomplish, and

3: Mention why the Clean Energy Partnership is important to you and how it can be an inspiring model for other cities in the nation to follow.

City Council Phone Numbers 


City Council Member

Phone Number


Kevin Reich

(612) 673-2201


Cam Gordon

(612) 673-2202


Jacob Frey

(612) 673-2203


Barbara Johnson

(612) 673-2204


Blong Yang

(612) 673-2205


Abdi Warsame

(612) 673-2206


Lisa Goodman

(612) 673-2207


Elizabeth Glidden

(612) 673-2208


Alondra Cano

(612) 673-2209


Lisa Bender

(612) 673-2210


John Quincy

(612) 673-2211


Andrew Johnson

(612) 673-2212


Linea Palmisano

(612) 673-2213


Thank you for taking part in the movement to keep our energy options open to secure a clean and affordable energy future.

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