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You helped us save the partnership!

We packed the city council chambers December 10th and got City Council to reverse the cuts to the clean energy partnership on a 13-0 vote!  Great work!  And now its back to the work to be done to make the new partnership a success!


We need a Robust Clean Energy Partnership that has strong community participation

The City of Minneapolis has embarked on an innovative, first-in-the-nation partnership with its energy utilities – Xcel and CenterPoint – that will create new national model for how cities, energy consumers and utilities can work together to build an energy system that meets our climate, justice, and local economic development goals. The Partnership is a formal agreement between the City and the utilities to meet the utilities’ renewable energy requirements and conservation improvement targets as well as the City’s adopted Energy Vision for an energy system that is affordable and reliable, clean, efficient, local, collaborative and available to all. 

Your Voice Made a Difference and is still needed

On October 6th, the Health, Environment & Community Engagement committee on the Minneapolis City Council held a public hearing on the recently renegotiated utility franchise agreements where each of the 15 speakers were in support of the Clean Energy Partnership.

On October 17th, 2014 the Minneapolis City Council unanimously passed the City Utility Partnership MOU which reads “The Parties each commit to provide staff and resources appropriate to complete the Work.” That afternoon a press conference was held when the partnership was signed .

Why does the Clean Energy Partnership matter? 

Minneapolis residents and businesses spend $450 million annually on electricity and gas, and national research shows that at least 30% of our energy use is preventable waste. The City-Utility partnership is a long-term effort to move tens of millions of energy dollars annually back into the pockets of Minneapolis families and businesses to recirculating within our community creating jobs and building wealth in the local economy.

According to the Minneapolis Climate Action plan, two-thirds of the city’s greenhouse gas emissions come from our electricity and natural gas use. This makes utility cooperation central to achieving the Climate Action Plan’s goals of having 10% of electricity from local and directly purchased renewable energy and 30% reduction of greenhouse gas emissions by 2025. 


 How did the partnership originate?

In 2013, residents and businesses across the city looked to the pending expiration of so-called franchise contracts between the City and its utilities and saw an opportunity for a better energy future. They organized, calling themselves Minneapolis Energy Options, and suggested that the city consider all its options, including debating a ballot measure for authorizing but not requiring formation of a city-run electric utility.

In response, Xcel and Centerpoint offered to be good partners with the city's energy goals and the City of Minneapolis commissioned an “Energy Pathways Study” to define its options for achieving a more affordable and equitable energy economy with more clean, local power. In 2014, the City invested a huge amount of negotiation work bringing Xcel and CenterPoint to the table so that they will invest big resources into energy democracy, clean energy solutions, and helping people cut energy costs. 

This newly formed clean energy partnership is the fulfillment of all of the hard work and dedication that went into the 2013 campaign as well as additional petition cards and organizing in 2014.

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Join your neighbors & help move Minneapolis Energy Forward!

In Minneapolis, energy costs are rising and energy pollution is causing significant local and global problems. We have a once-in-a-generation opportunity to make cleaner, more affordable, and more local energy available to all in Minneapolis.


Join the movement to move Minneapolis energy forward as we work for a clean, affordable, reliable, and local energy future.


Minneapolis Energy Options is a coalition of organizations and neighbors interested in expanding energy options for the City of Lakes. We support more conservation and energy efficiency, local renewable energy and democratic control of our energy system.

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