Tell Xcel and CenterPoint to sign the City-Utility partnership!

Dear Xcel Energy Vice Presidents David Sparby and Laura McCarten and Centerpoint Energy Vice President Joe Vortherms,

As a customer, I'm excited by your utility's recent statements to the City of Minneapolis, the State Legislature, and Public Utilities Commission seeking a partnership with the city and in support of clean, affordable, reliable, local and equitable energy. 

Now it is time to turn these statements into action by enabling public participation, greater local control, and community benefit through a clean and efficient energy future.

I urge Xcel Energy and CenterPoint Energy to:

  • Sign a partnership agreement and a short-term franchise agreement with the City of Minneapolis to demonstrate accountability, build momentum, and share control as a partner advancing the city’s energy goals.
  • Support a robust Energy Vision Advisory Committee composed of community stakeholders with real power to prioritize and help implement specific energy actions within the city.
  • Work with the City of Minneapolis and community organizations to advance state legislative change that enables all Minnesota cities to advance clean energy, energy efficiency, and local economic development goals through their franchise and other agreements.
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Will you sign?

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