Powerful Conversations

Looking for ways to create jobs and a sustainable economy here in Minneapolis?

Community Power is hosting a series of community events in partnership with neighborhood organizations and community residents called the Powerful Conversations Tour. We invite you to come listen, learn, ask, share and join together with other community members to explore our current energy system, its impacts, and ways to empower community action for greater local control and benefit over our energy system. The Powerful Conversations Tour is a great opportunity to learn about what has been accomplished and the opportunities ahead as Minneapolis begins its innovative, first in the nation city-utility partnership.

In our first year, Minneapolis Energy Options, talked with thousands of people across Minneapolis and discovered a growing excitement in the future of our energy system; but also a limited understanding of the current conditions, opportunities, and threats our community faces as energy users. To build an empowered community ready to direct its own energy future, we must generate the energy literacy to understand the basic technical, economic, and political systems that guide our energy utility system, as well as the opportunities and vehicles available for transforming that system toward 100% renewable energy. In the face of rising energy costs and the $450 million/year we spend in Minneapolis on gas and electricity, there is great value in understanding the background information in how utilities operate. The Powerful Conversations Tour is a catalyst to spark conversation towards building a Clean, Local, Equitable, Affordable, and Reliable energy future that everyone benefits from.

Major topics of Powerful Conversations include:

  • How the energy sources we use impact our communities
  • How energy is produced, distributed, and managed from source to use.
  • Risks within our energy system.
  • Why we pay we do for energy
  • Ways to gain independence from costly, dirty, and distant energy sources
  • How innovations in the energy field create opportunity here our community
  • Action teams you can join to create jobs, protect our public health, and grow a socially just local economy through community-based energy systems

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To host an event in your home, neighborhood, or organization, please contact Powerful Conversations Organizer Marcus Mills at: 612-623-0809, [email protected] or submit this form.

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