Powerful Conversation Event with Council Member Blong Yang

All across Minneapolis are welcome to attend. This can be a opportune moment to keep creating spaces for educating the city's residents on civic process through the Clean Energy Partnership. 

Council member Blong Yang will be attending along with a member of the Partnership's Energy Vision Advisory Committee as a show of goodwill for the community residents and also a validation to become active in guiding EVAC's community engagement strategies. 

We will be providing an interactive presentation on how the energy utility economics work in a way that provides an alternative perspective to the usual pro-corporate arguments we often hear on energy.

Why does Minneapolis' first-in-the-nation Energy Partnership matter? 

Too often the people who are need energy efficiency upgrades the most (in order to afford utility bills) also have the least means to access to the ways historically offered to save on energy consumption. A big focus for the Clean Energy Partnership is resolving this economic justice dilemma on energy poverty by creating creative, innovative energy efficiency programs and on-bill financing methods that will be accessible and relevant to renters, and those in multi-family residential. 

The Clean Energy Partnership will also be a creation ground for a swift transition to clean energy that also lowers energy bills and respects community needs as we are seeing with the community solar project on Shiloh Temple. 

June 15, 2015 at 6:00pm - 8pm
North Regional Library 1315 Lowry Ave Minneapolis North Conference Room
Carol White

Will you come?

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