Powerful Conversations for the Climate Movement

Transforming the traditional utility business model is a way to meet climate goals.

This community teach in is for those on the front lines of the climate movement who would like to craft powerful counter-arguments to claims such as “renewable energy will cause our electricity bills to skyrocket”, and “coal = American jobs.” Come join, explore, ask and learn about why cleaner energy options create more jobs per dollar invested than coal or gas, and that it is something else other than increasingly cost-competitive renewable energy that is responsible for electricity rate increases. We will share a formula for getting to 100% renewables as well as opening up the discussion on ideas to meet that goal. 

With its first in the nation Clean Energy Partnership the City of Minneapolis will provide new innovative programs for community members to take climate action locally. On the state level, we will provide a guide on submitting thoughtful commentary to the PUC on Xcel Energy’s 15-year business plan. Xcel is more likely to include retirement of its Sherco Coal plan if they see coordinated action on new climate policy as something inevitable to prepare for and this is where MN 350’s momentum comes into play. 

June 11, 2015 at 6:30pm - 8:30pm
2104 Stevens Ave S Minneapolis

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