Together, we're growing a grassroots movement that's fighting for an energy future that keeps our energy dollars local, is affordable for all, protects local communities and those where it is produced, meets our 21st century energy needs, and is safe for our planet. We're building power in our local governments to shift the way energy utilities do businesses, we're transforming the policy landscape, and we're making sure community residents are informed and empowered to participate.

All this takes time and hard work. Big energy monopolies have millions of dollars - money they're authorized by state regulators to charge all of us - with which to protect their interests. We have thousands of ordinary people; people like you.

Please join us in growing a movement for an energy future that builds community wealth, advances social justice, and protects our communities and the planet by becoming a monthly sustainer at a level that works for you. If a regular commitment isn't possible, please consider a one-time contribution by visiting our donate page. You can also make a one-time contribution by check written to "Community Power" and mailed to our fiscal sponsor, the North American Water Office:

North American Water Office

3394 Lake Elmo Ave, N. P.O. Box 174

Lake Elmo, MN   55042

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