We're growing the movement for a Clean, Affordable, Reliable, and Local energy future!

We are moving Minneapolis energy forward and now we are growing the movement. As we're growing the movement and building a new organization to house this work we want your input in this process.

In 2013 we won A Lot - check it out! 

Together, our movement of thousands of Minneapolitans has secured great wins and is moving Minneapolis energy forward. 

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Building off of our 2013 successes, we're gearing up for three major efforts going into 2014:

  • Making Local Power Easier by Changing State Law: Working at the state legislature with the City of Minneapolis and other Minnesota cities to gain the flexibility cities need to secure clean, affordable, reliable and local energy through utility franchise agreements and to increase their power to explore forming their own utilities. We're expanding our coalition and impact statewide.
  • Supporting the City's Energy Vision: Helping Minneapolis City Council keep moving towards a better energy system locally through careful evaluation of the upcoming pathways study, pushing for visionary leadership as the franchise negotiations and exploration of locally-controlled utilities continues, and holding Xcel and Centerpoint accountable to the agreements they have made.

  • Deepening Energy Literacy: Launching a deep community education and engagement campaign across Minneapolis. Throughout 2013, we met thousands of Minneapolis residents eager to better understand our energy system now that we have an opportunity to participate in shaping it, as well as extensive confusion about how it works. Through a campaign of energy education events, we'll build a base of informed community leaders to grow the campaign in the months and years to come.

As we're broadening our work with community groups statewide, we're clarifying our relationships with our fiscal sponsor and moving towards establishing a new organization to house this work named "Community Power". We will still be using the project name "Minneapolis Energy Options" for our local efforts in Minneapolis - this broader organizational identity will enable us to start working with and supporting communities across the state undertaking similar efforts. 

We Need Your Input Now! 
As we're growing the movement and building a new organization to house this work we want your input in this process.

  1. Please share with us your thoughts on the new organization name "Community Power".

  2. Please also share any other name suggestions you have for our overall work (including statewide) for the Steering Committee to consider as we move forward.

Thank you for your support in creating a better energy future for all.

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