Inclusive Financing for Energy

City of Minneapolis Study Session on Inclusive Financing 
with visiting national expert and co-developer of Inclusive Financing, Harlan Lachman
Monday May 21st, 1:30-3:00pm, @ Minneapolis City Hall Chambers, 
Here is the official City Video for the May 21st study session with visiting out of state inclusive financing expert Harlan Lachman. Much appreciation to the Minneapolis and Saint Paul elected officials and staff who took part and asked key questions, and thank you to members of the public who filled up the room with attendance.
Included were case studies from how several parts of the country (such as Arkansas and Vermont), have used with successful IF programs to open up access to renters, low-income home-owners, and expand the number of energy-related jobs locally.

2017 Public Forum on Inclusive Financing: 

Local Action Towards an Affordable, Equitable and Resilient Clean Energy Economy in Minnesota
co-hosted by Community Power, MNIPL, MN350, and ISAIAH

[click photo watch full recording of the event!]

February 1st, 2017, @ Masjid An-Nur
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