What is Inclusive Financing?

tbifgraphic_-_tall_version_(2).jpgInclusive Financing is a tool that eliminates the significant financial barriers to participating in energy efficiency and clean energy that currently exist in most every state including MN. With utility adoption of Inclusive Financing, residents in Kansas, Kentucky, North Carolina & Arkansas have increased control (at an unprecedented pace) over their monthly utility bills, the affordability of which is deeply connected to the overall affordability & stability of housing.

Why is Inclusive Financing a game-changer for climate and equity in Minneapolis? 

Renters and homeowners alike who live in drafty housing can access energy and money saving energy efficiency improvements without the need for:

     *upfront money     *personal debt   *homeownership    *a separate bill to manage                   *good credit

The whole transaction happens on the monthly utility bill at a net savings starting the very first month. In areas where I.F. has been adopted, the # of eligible customers doubles and 5x more customers say “yes” to improvements suggested by energy audits.


Have questions? Want to help make this tool available in Minnesota? 
Learn more on our 
Inclusive Financing FAQ page.