Attend the Minneapolis Clean Energy Partnership Meeting !

NOTE: The time of the meeting is now 30 minutes earlier than it was when announced.

The Minneapolis Clean Energy Partnership (CEP) will hold its first meeting with City Council Representatives Goodman and Chughtai! 

Date: April 26th 2022, 9:00-11:00am

Location: Unfortunately one or more City staff involved with the Partnership tested positive for COVID over the weekend. 

Fortunately the meeting can be accessed by calling the phone number 612-276-6670 and entering the Phone Conference ID # 192 359 652. We can unmute when prompted toward the beginning of the meeting and say name and organization as the one way to still send the message that we are listening. 
The meeting agenda, presentation, and other visuals are accessible here: 


Since 2015, this partnership commits the upper level staff from utilities Xcel and Centerpoint to having an ongoing dialogue with the City to achieve its bold climate equity and action goals. Despite 8 years of this collaboration, we have seen only incremental progress beyond the status quo coming from the space, as the city side has been doing the heavy lifting for the partnership.  Come sit in to help the utilities - and new city leadership - know and feel community members are watching this important and urgent work of on the Minneapolis' climate & equity goals. The utilities may be able to outspend us all but we far outnumber them...!

The three stated Priorities of the Minneapolis Clean Energy Partnership stated in its last meeting (on page 15 here), and what the utilities say they want to help Minneapolis Accomplish, are:

  • 30% Local Distributed Solar by 2030
  • Electrification of Natural Gas End Uses (e.g. things that use natural gas in our communities)
  • Deep Energy Efficiency with Community Benefits

Note: This is a Public Meeting where community members are welcome to join, but this is not a public hearing per se. Briefly sharing ones name and organizational affiliation at the beginning of the meeting will be the only likely opportunity to address the board as a group but still valuable since it lets the board know who is watching. There is usually a chance for some informal mingling after the meeting. We ask all to be please be respectful to the meeting process in place.  

RSVP through this page so we can keep you in touch with some updates! 


April 26, 2022 at 9:00am - 11am
Call 612-276-6670 and entering Phone Conference ID # 192 359 652.
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