East Phillips Environmental Justice: Protest at Smith Foundry + Roof Depot Agreement Finalized

A surprise inspection by the EPA in May revealed that Smith Iron Foundry failed to control harmful airborne substances in one of the most polluted neighborhoods in the state.  See this same story covered in the Star Tribune. 


Smith Foundry has polluted harmful airborne substances far in excess of the law for at least five years.

It has been operating under a permit from the MN Pollution Control Agency which requires it to adhere to pollution standards. Specifically, the company failed to operate the safety equipment needed to mitigate the toxic emissions that will cause lasting harm to the health of area residents.

There was a protest on Friday afternoon decrying the MPCA for not catching the violations that the EPA uncovered and for the Foundry to be penalized beyond the order to come into compliance.  

Among the many speakers at the rally, included State Representatives Aisha Gomez (62A), Mohamud Noor (60B), and Hodan Hassan (62B). Northside Green Zone & CMEJ organizer Roxanne O'Brien stated that "This is Northern Metals all over again".   

See livestream recordings of the rally speakers here and here.

Smith's Pollutants compared to HERC's: 



East Phillips Environmental Justice: Roof Depot Agreement Finalized 

East Phillips Neighborhood Institute finalizes historic agreement to buy Roof Depot site (EPNI) for urban farm. It is located right across 28th street from Smith Foundry. EPNI, in coalition with environmental organizers, raised the $3.7 million needed to finalize a purchase agreement with the City of Minneapolis for the long- contested Roof Depot site. After a decade-long fight with the City of Minneapolis, the EPNI Farm project surmounted a major hurdle on the way to fruition. See same story covered in the Star Tribune. Plans are for the roof of the building to be a site for a Community Solar Garden. 


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