Petition for Energy ACCESS

To Xcel Energy:

Thanks for working over the past two decades to make sure that Minnesota is a national leader in renewable energy. We ask that you continue that legacy by prioritizing energy equity in addition to carbon reduction. Right now, too many barriers keep low­-income families and families with less than perfect credit from investing in renewable energy, energy efficiency, and weatherization improvements. We call on you to work with us to identify concrete and measureable ways to remove those barriers so that all customers, regardless of income or credit score, can improve their homes, help our state move to 100% renewable energy, and build their family’s wealth.

Please, help every Minnesotan access the benefits and wealth-building potential of the new energy economy by:

1) Promoting clean energy and energy efficiency workforce training programs that pro-actively involve low-income communities and communities of color.

2) Advocating for and implementing Inclusive Financing, which would enable Minnesotans to immediately save money while also paying for home energy efficiency and renewable energy projects on their monthly utility bills, rather than having to pay for it up front or take out a loan. 


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