Powerful Conversations

Powerful Conversations begin with good questions.

As part of the Minneapolis Energy Options campaign, we began to host small "Powerful Conversations" workshops in homes, community centers, and schools to dig into the nitty gritty of our current energy system so that, together, we might come to better solutions to pressing local climate and justice issues.

  • Where does our energy come from in Minnesota?
  • How efficient is energy transportation system - getting energy from its harvest to homes + businesses?
  • What are the environmental and health costs and are there patterns to who bears them most?
  • How many jobs are produced by various types of energy industries (solar, wind, efficiency, coal, natural gas, nuclear)?
  • Why do we do things this way? What are the incentives to continue this way?
  • What do we envision for our energy future? How might we get there?

Since 2013, we have held over 100 of these conversations and are encouraged by people in Minnesota's tenacity to understand this complex and critically important subject - one that is core to understanding climate impacts and environmental burden as well as spiritual health and economic opportunity.


Original source of data noted on each map, compiled by Community Power in 2018


While our Powerful Conversations tour is currently on pause, please reach out if you are interested in hosting a Powerful Conversation for your community whether in your home, place of work, place of worship, or community gathering spot.


Hungry for more? Check out these Energy Explained! Videos put together by undergraduates at Macalester College in 2015.