Xcel Rate Hike Hearing Oct 20th

TAKE ACTION! Join the fight for energy democracy and say NO to unprecedented utility rate increases! Your voice and Public Comments make a difference. : 

The Minnesota PUC has scheduled in-person hearings and 2 virtual hearings allowing you the opportunity to express how Xcel Energy’s proposed rate increase will affect you and your family. After expressed opposition by the Just Solar Coalition intervenors of which Community Power is a member, Xcel has agreed to add hearings in Minneapolis and Saint Paul. 

There is a huge disconnect between what Xcel says when it's selling its energy plan ("we'll keep bills low") and then requesting a 21% electric rate increase over 3 years. 

When Xcel wants to raise the rates which we pay for electricity, they have to prove to the quasi-judicial 5-member Public Utilities Commission that their rates are “just and reasonable”. The public hearings they provide are where you can come in. 

Because utility companies are monopolies, they have the power to assert control over the market and prioritize the needs of their investors over their customers, unless held in check by these state regulators.

Can't Make it in person? Take part in these Virtual Hearings:

  • Monday, October 31 at 1:30 pm - Instructions to join via WebEx can be found here (pdf).
  • Wednesday, November 2 at 6:00 pm - Instructions to join via WebEx can be found here (pdf).

Click here for full instructions on how to write a public comment, submit a pre-recorded video testimony, or attend a public hearing: 

No Way Out - Xcel Energy Seeks To Increase Our Bills by 21% With Few Investments to an Affordable Clean Energy Future

If granted a 21% rate hike, residential customers would face ~$15 to $21 per month increase on average. What might sound like a negligeable increase to some ( an average of $140-$240 per year ) can mean life or death to others such as not being able to afford to turn on the AC during summer heat waves, or because the utility shut off power due to non-payment. Xcel customers as of January 1st, are already paying a 6.4 percent interim rate increase. Any amount of it the PUC denies, Xcel will have to refund customers whatever was collected that they were not granted. The MN Public Utilities Commission (PUC) will have the final say. Certainly, Xcel needs capital to provide upgrades and reliable service, but here is the reality for Minnesotans and the reality of what Xcel is actually using this increase to do:

photo credit: The Center for the American Experiment (yes! some might be surprised to know they've been pissed about Xcel's profiteering for years, but red flags about Xcel becoming "hoggy" with greed have started to spread across the political spectrum).  This image shows 2019 data before the new CEO, Bob Frenzel, took the helm. 


October 20, 2022 at 5:30pm - 8:30pm
St. Paul Rondo Community Library Rondo Multipurpose Room
461 Dale St N
St. Paul, MN 55103
United States
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