Hot Off the Press! How We Can Fund Climate Action in Minneapolis

With only blunt and uncertain clean energy financing tools at the federal and state level… How can we quickly and justly resource Climate Action in Minneapolis?

For the last decade, Community Power has been exploring this question with many partners across Minneapolis, the state, and the country. We are pleased to announce that a new white paper created by the Institute for Market Transformation exploring these very questions is now available!


See the full 50-page Report: "Equitable Funding Mechanisms for Climate Action in Minneapolis"

Want just the highlights? Check out the See the 4-page Fact Sheet

It's a deep dive into two specific, hyper-local mechanisms to fund just, climate action based on a "Polluter Pays" model. These include:

1) "the Utility Franchise Fee" and 

2) the "Pollution Control Annual Registration Fee." 

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"Despite the mounting evidence of disparities, funding to address climate change remains insufficient across all scales of government. [...] While the Mayor's 2024 budget proposal significantly accelerated the City's investments in weatherization to $4,744,725, the gap between funding available and the estimated $136.5 million/year needed remains vast. [...] In the context of underfunding, urgent timelines, deeply entrenched racialized inequity, and public incentive apparatuses that often frustrate their purpose, Franchise Fees (FF) and Pollution Control Annual Registration (PCAR) present innovative opportunities for addressing the climate challenge swiftly and in ways that are specific to local context and needs."

- IMT Report: Equitable Funding Mechanisms for Climate Action in Minneapolis, 2024

Artwork and design by IMT along with images from Ntxoo Art

Artwork and design by IMT along with images from Ntxoo Art

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