Caucus for Minneapolis Climate & Equity March 14th

Over 90 attendees showed up at a January 23rd event to help pass a robustly funded People’s Climate & Equity Plan. You too can be part of history and build on this momentum!

If you are in Minneapolis and want to keep the city council focused & supportive of full funding, or to make sure incoming candidates understand the importance of climate action, then becoming a caucus / convention delegate is the most effective thing we can do over the next few months. 


The opportunity & what is at stake

Over 140 community members, including many who are new, showed up for a Jan 19th Zoom meeting or a Jan 23rd event at Salem Lutheran in North Minneapolis, to learn and share feedback among each other. One of the breakouts at both events was giving feedback on how we could create a reliable stream of dedicated funding to implement the People's Climate & Equity Plan, so Minneapolis can actually meet the goals that it sets out. A key part of the proposal is some new level of democratic & transparent oversight on how these funds will be allocated to make sure they go to helps vulnerable & historically underserved communities.  

Community Power is one of several organizations in the Just Transition Fund Coalition, which will unveil the polished up version of our proposed Climate & Equity Fund ordinance at a press conference on Thursday, March 9 at 11:30am

The campaign is gaining publicity. The Powderhorn Edition of the February 2023 Southside Pride includes an article about People's Climate & Equity Plan for Minneapolis.

That being said... no matter how inspiring we make the goals of the People’s Climate & Equity Plan or how reasonable and progressive we make the methods to fund the great work, the plan won’t simply not jump up and pass itself. To encourage city council or to move your councilmember to be more supportive of a robust Climate & Equity fund, the most effective thing you can do is to show up to your precinct Caucus March 14th and run to become a Climate & Equity Delegate, unpledged to any candidate. Even if you do not seek to become a delegate yourself, it is still worthwhile to show up to support other caucus goes who seek to become unpledged Climate & Equity delegates.

Never been to a caucus before? Not a problem! 

Here are a few reasons to convince your friends and neighbors to also join in:

  • Every city council seat has an election this year and most candidates will be seeking their party's endorsement via the caucus process.
  • Candidates care what delegates think and will reach out to delegates, particularly ones who are unpledged!
  • If you are a delegate, you can say “I will support candidates who support a People's Climate & Equity Plan with… (your top issues)”
  • The timing is perfect! Candidates will want to speak with delegates between caucuses (March 14th) and conventions (from late April to late May), which is the same time that the new Climate & Equity plan will be debated.

Community Power's Role

Other coalition partner organizations, primarily Isaiah and MN350, are providing caucus trainings and doing the base building to mobilize turnout to precinct caucuses. But Community Power does have role in this process. We will be organizing candidate forums on Climate & Energy in city council races. That way, delegates & voters who are interested to hear the perspectives of candidates seeking to represent will have the ability to do so. Community Power board and staff members have also done other forms of popular education in support of the plan such as speaking at the Jan 19th & 23rd events.   

This is it! This is the moment we need to get out there and get more people involved if we want to win. 

*** March 14th will be precinct caucus night for the Minneapolis DFL. No other parties are known to hold precinct caucuses in the City this year. 

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