Dustin Denison Supports Minneapolis Energy Options

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I am supporting Minneapolis Energy Options because one of the core tenets of our company is "We believe energy production and consumption must fundamentally change". In order for Minneapolis to meet its Climate Action plans, our relationship with Xcel energy must be holistic to meeting the goals and objectives our residents seek. Minneapolis Energy Options is engaged in the work to empower our elected officials to meet these goals.  

Dustin Denison, Principal
Minneapolis-based Applied Energy Innovations

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Please consider what you're already paying every month to maintain the energy status quo, and consider what you can invest in a different future. Whether its $1,000, $250, $100, $50, or even $25, we need your support.

We're not going to win this once-in-a generation opportunity for a better energy future unless we come together now.

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If you're willing, we'd love to hear 2-3 sentences about why you are supporting Minneapolis Energy Options.  Even better, send us a photo so we can tell (and show) the world why you want to be an energy decider!

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