John Oliver Explains Electric Utilities with Humor

John Oliver explains electric utilities, why they're charging you so much, and why they hate solar

  • South Carolina Electric & Gas - Customers are forced to pay for projects that never create any power so that utility executives can collect their bonuses. 
  • Duke Energy- Stifles innovation & competition that would be a net benefit to society like distributed solar. 
  • PG&E- Refusing to spend money on maintaining equipment that failed and is responsible for numerous California wildfires... all because utility profits are pegged to money that they spend on new infrastructure that they build, not on maintaining it.
  • Mississippi Power- Ripped off customers with several billion $ of cost overruns, enabled by complicit state regulators rushing to approve projects without due diligence 
  • First Energy- A huge scandal of buying off energy decision makers in Ohio (covered in previous newsletters)

John Oliver also did similar episodes on the power grid and environmental racism


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