Join the Longfellow Energy Fair February 7th

A big mission for Community Power/ Minneapolis Energy Options is to spread awareness about accessible programs and opportunities for communities to save money by saving energy while elevating public conversations about our energy future.

We invite people all over Minneapolis and beyond to attend the most exciting Longfellow Energy Fair on Saturday, Feb. 7, 8:30 a.m. to 3 p.m. at Holy Trinity Church • 2730 E 31st Street, Minneapolis. The more people who can help spread the word, the better.    

You can Register for the event Here (There is a $10 lunch from Gandhi Mahal and Fire Roast Café included) Click here for a program overview. 



If are just getting started with making wise investments and taking Personal Action to Reduce your Energy Use, there is a program track for you at the event. What are the energy-saving myths that often lead people astray in their quest for energy efficiency improvements? Come by to find out and learn about how to most efficiently convert electric savings into dollars.


There is another program track for people who are more advanced with energy and have an interest in rethinking transit or using on site solar generation for electricity, hot water and warm air. Would you like to learn how to balance indoor air quality/ circulation with energy efficiency achievements? In addition what are the grassroots efforts and ways to transform our energy utility system overall? Come join the advanced track to find out.  


If you own a business and want a step-by-step plan to use energy efficiency to increase your profits or want a free program for an energy audit to help your congregation, there is a program track for you! Would you like to know some of the most strategic ways to fund energy improvements after having an energy audit? Come by and learn how a number of Longfellow businesses have done so, what a Clean Energy Revolving Fund is, and how two Minnesota congregations divested from fossil fuels.


Can’t wait to find what the Keynote speakers are going to say? Minneapolis City Councilmembers Andrew Johnson & Cam Gordon will address the event as well as our local Transition Towns energy futurist Jon Freise, co-author of the book Transition Streets and author of articles for The Oil Drum

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