Minneapolis Energy Options praised at City Council Committee meeting

Minneapolis Energy Options and supportive members of the Minneapolis City Council were given praises and gratitude in their February 24th meeting of the Health, Environment and Community Engagement Committee

“The city has gained great momentum on energy issues. The advocates have done a tremendous job at driving a city wide conversation on energy options.”

 Mike Bull, lead presenter of the Energy Pathways Study

  “I did want to recognize folks in the room who are with Minneapolis Energy Options and all of the hard work, that the organizers and activists have done to help us to vision a new future and to help create that so your work is very much needed with the city and I am looking forward to continuing to work with you all, I know that my office is busy trying to engage communities of color around this very issue and connect them to the broader conversations that you guys are having so thank you because without your hard work, your voice and your courage we would not have this amazing product here today.”

Alondra Cano, Ward 9 council representative

 “I wanted to express excitement actually for this, I think this is a really innovative strategy and I wanted to thank you (chair Cam Gordon) and council member Glidden for your leadership last year in taking all of the great work that advocates did and turning it into something that is really forward looking and I think it’s exciting.”

Lisa Bender, Ward 10 council representative

 While introducing the Energy Pathways Study on Monday, Mike Bull also put into context the relevance of the 4 different specific energy options to give the city varying degrees of greater influence and control:

 “We realized early on that the status quo was not an option…that it would not allow the city to achieve its climate action plan or goals or its energy vision.”

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