Minneapolis Pursues Energy System Pathways Study

The City of Minneapolis has just announced a proposed city-sponsored study of alternatives to an energy system that isn't giving Minneapolis what it needs. The city coordinator wants the Council to authorize a study of energy options, including "state legislative or PUC rule changes, unique utility partnerships, changes to the way the City uses franchise fees or new City programs, and municipalization of one or both energy utilities."

This is a great step to Move Minneapolis Energy Forward, and an important complement to a YES vote on Nov. 5 to give the city the authorization to consider municipalization of the energy utilities.

WE NEED YOUR HELP to get that ballot option in November by getting it endorsed in the caucuses on April 16. 

Sign Up HERE to Caucus for MEO: http://bit.ly/Y02T0C 

Read the Proposal for the City Study HERE:http://www.ci.minneapolis.mn.us/www/groups/public/@clerk/documents/webcontent/wcms1p-106211.pdf

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