This Summer, House Parties for the People's Climate & Equity Plan!

The City of Minneapolis has the scientifically correct climate goals on paper:

We need a robust People’s Climate & Equity Plan at scale for us to actually meet the targets. 

In order to mobilize the City Council and the Mayor to pass something more than half-measures, the coalition campaign will be organizing outdoor house parties this summer.

I - Lee -  will be hosting one in Mid-July!  Community Power organized a series of 2-3 dozen house parties  before and they are a great way to deepen community relations.  Sign up here to host or co-host a "house" party and click here to see the House Party Toolkit  to learn what is involved.

To see what an "at-scale" climate equity plan could look like in action, check out this article: Minneapolis jobs program aims to grow and diversify clean energy workforce by Frank Jossi, April 11, 2022


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