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A New Bike

I Love This Place

I love this place

Sign the Clean Energy City Utility Partnership

The City of Minneapolis is currently working to form an innovative, first-in-the-nation city-utility partnership with Xcel Energy and Centerpoint by the end of 2014, as recommended by the Energy Pathways Study that the City Council unanimously adopted in March. The Partnership will be a formal agreement between the City and the utilities to mutually implement the City’s adopted energy vision for an energy system that is affordable, reliable, clean, efficient, local, collaborative and improves social equity. The city is negotiating the city-utility partnership agreement simultaneously with the new utility franchise agreements, all of which have a goal to be ready for a full vote of the Minneapolis City Council sometime in September. Click here for a guide on contacting your City Council Representative on this issue.

We now have an opportunity to create a new national model for how cities, energy users and utilities can work together to build an energy system that meets our climate, justice, and local economic development goals. Click here to sign the petition for Xcel and Centerpoint to sign onto the City-Utility Partnership Agreement




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Solar Powered House

solar powered house

It's So Motivating to Know There Are So Many Sustainable Options

Photo: Knowing our options is one of the first steps to getting us out there and working on the future. :)