Should Minneapolis keep its energy options open?


  1. Minneapolis is dependent mostly on coal, nuclear, and gas for its energy.
  2. It’s energy use is inefficient because our suppliers have a financial interest in selling more energy.
  3. Our energy is provided by two corporate energy monopolies, Xcel Energy (electric) and Centerpoint Energy (gas), whose first priority is their shareholders.
  4. Our 20-year contracts with these two utilities will expire in the next three years.
  5. 20 years is a long time.


  1. To use our energy dollars to pay for clean, local, and renewable energy instead of importing polluting energy.
  2. To make great strides to reduce energy use through conservation and efficiency.
  3. To reduce energy costs while increasing local economic development.

We support:

  1. The City of Minneapolis in keeping its options open rather than signing a long-term agreement with the same energy providers.
  2. City Council in creating a ballot initiative that would allow voters (in 2013) to enable our city council members and mayor to research, explore, and pursue the option of municipalizing our energy utilities to create a more reliable, affordable and clean local energy system.
  3. Advancing energy efficiency, clean energy, community ownership, and local economic development through a more democratic energy system.